Welcome to the official website of Martha Brabant Pritchard.

Martie with friend, Bright

Martie, as she is known to friends and family, retired from a thirty year teaching career to pursue writing as a second career. She stumbled upon a group of reluctant historians at Leisure Village and put aside other endeavors in order to encourage them to reach out to the community with their amazing accounts of life in Aroostook County in the early twentieth century. Martie is also the author of War Stories for Children and facilitator of the books A Gift to the Future from the Leisure Village Writers and More Gifts: From the Leisure Village Writers and Friends. Read more about the author…

Martie’s most recent publication, Our James School: Field Trip to a One-Room School is now available on Amazon. Check back soon for information on local buying options as well as an upcoming book launch party at the James School in early October.

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